About Anima

Angelika Gregoric Expressive colour and a pure line form the heart and soul of the anima collection. Each item of clothing emphasises the individuality of the wearer through its colour, design and cut. Dressing women from small to large, anima’s focus is on a perfect fit alongside high quality of materials and craftsmanship. Angelika Gregoric is the designer behind the anima label. Derived from the Latin, the meaning of anima embraces breath, soul and spirit – and represents the central motivation for her creativity.

Filztaschen 3xSHU Angelika Gregoric's career path took her from training as a goldsmith to the German jewellery design studio of Ehinger-Schwarz in Ulm where she also discovered her love for theatre and costume. Joint ventures with the costume workshops soon ensued. She has worked in theatre, opera and film, including a stint alongside Michael Haneke. After several years of interesting costume work, she began to experiment with industrial felt producing a collection of purist felt bags that was met with resounding success in Germany, USA and Japan. While her bags travelled around the world, the designer began to work with woollen fabrics and “walkwolle” heritage wool fabrics that have undergone the “walking” or “milling” process. The various thick and thin versions of "walked" fabrics from which both geometrical shapes and, from the finer material, a flowing effect can be created provide a perfect vehicle for interesting designs. Colour has always been Anima's signature! "It is colour that gives fabric, whether shiny or dull, its expression. Fabric speaks through its colour," says the designer. Travel to Asia, especially Japan, is reflected in her collections, but the pared-down design elegance of Bauhaus is equally recognisable. She sees herself as a "wanderer between the worlds".

Her clothes are not intrusive; they enhance a woman's personality. The designer is devoted to the subject of individual style and in her studio is available to clients for personal advice on design and colour selection.

anima stands for a new consciousness in our daily lives, for the essence of the here and now.